5 Axis HOMAG CNC Machine

This is a custom tangent over easing being cut on our 5 axis Homag CNC machine. This process begins with assembling the large block of Sapele Mahogany, while our Design department uses Compass software to program the machine for the work. Cut using a profiling bit with an integrated top cutter, this custom tangent piece will be hand sanded for completion, followed by an on site custom rail installation by our field installers.

This is a barreled stringer cut on our 5 axis Homag CNC machine. This piece begins with several layers of laminated poplar forming a solid block. Once on our machine, the concave side is cut out followed by the convex surface. Next the tread and riser plows are routed and we make our joint cut as shown on video. Falling lines are then cut leaving 1/8″ tab remaining of the original block of wood. All cuts are made with solid carbide tooling. Our Facility page slide show includes a few examples of where barreled stringers are used on our custom stairs.